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How Much To Take Of CBD: Part 5


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What is The Right Amount to Take?

Unfortunately, the standard amount of CBD that one should take is not available. The serving size will vary on the basis of your body and wellness objectives. Determining how much CBD oil to take is going to be a trial and error process at first.


First, the potency of CBD in the item you are taking will need to be considered. Potency refers to a product's concentration of CBD. You will need to decide the milligram of CBD you want to take after choosing the way you want to take CBD. We are not doctors, so we can't prescribe what would be the best CBD potency for you. With research and a talk with your doctor, however, this can be discovered.

Edibles or low CBD capsules are a great place to start if you are looking to start with a low potency CBD product. CBD will be lightly introduced into your system by these products. Tinctures, vape, and capsules are a good fit for a medium potency. To create an ideal serving size, these goods can be easily built up. CBD hemp oil concentrates are your go-to for the highest potency of CBD.

Serving Size

Once the potency you want to use has been selected, we suggest starting with the serving size recommended by the manufacturer. For comparison, this will serve as a starting point. For a week, take the recommended sum and then reflect on how you feel. If you do not achieve your desired results after a week, increase the serving size and continue for another week with your new routine. Repeat this process until you feel that you have identified your proper serving size.

See our helpful guide: How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for more information on how much to take, figuring out milligram amounts in products, and more.

How Much To Spend

It is helpful to set a budget when deciding what product to take. CBD is a recurring purchase for many. It will help guide you to the item you want to take by determining how much you can afford to spend on CBD.

It is helpful to compare the price versus the value of a product when setting a budget. Depending on the CBD content, a product at a higher price may be of greater value. When determining value, some questions to ask:

  • How much CBD do I want to take daily?
  • How many servings does this product provide?
  • How much will each serving cost me?


It will become easier to determine which product is the best value as you discover which type of product works best for you. Lucky for you, over the last 5+ years, CBD prices have decreased significantly, and as more farmers start growing hemp, prices will fall continuously.

Still Have Questions?

We understand that it can be confusing at times to find the right CBD product, so we hope this post is helpful to make you more confident in buying cannabidiol proudcts. We would love to chat if you still have additional questions about purchasing CBD! Contact us at, or in the lower right-hand corner, click the chat box. Mon-Fri 9-5 EST, we're open for emails, calls and chats.



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