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Finding a Trustworthy Seller of CBD : Part 3

Finding a Trustworthy Seller of CBD 

It's important to check that the place you are buying from is reputable before buying CBD oil. Like the number of illegal companies, as the demand for CBD rises. By searching for the following features, you will prevent undesirable sources.

Finding a Trustworthy Seller of CBD: Part 3

Sourced from Quality Hemp

An indication of its quality may be where hemp comes from. Hemp must be grown with the proper care and in the right conditions. Hemp is a bioaccumulator, which means it is taken out of the soil. Although this has advantages, it also implies that any chemicals that are used in the growing process are pulled up by the plant. Look for hemp oil that is grown free of any artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, sourced from organic hemp.

It is also important to consider the experience of hemp farmers. Several reputable brands come from Europe, where farmers have years of experience growing cannabis in their environment. Although there are different requirements for growing hemp in European countries, the overall standard is high, which also leads to a higher quality product. As the number of hemp farms in the United States rises, we expect to see more domestic hemp sourcing, but Europe has set the benchmark for the quality of hemp as of now.

Using a clean form of Extraction

There are a variety of ways of processing hemp oil, but not all are equal. The CO2 process, where hemp is placed under high pressure and low temperatures, is the highest quality of extraction. The need to use harsh chemicals is removed by this method. Although this is a complex process, it is the cleanest and safest extraction method and guarantees a pure product of CBD.

Some manufacturers of hemp oil, by comparison, use solvents such as butane or ethanol to extract hemp oil. While this method is an efficient method of extraction, it strips the plant wax oil that CBD Nirvana finds beneficial to the overall product.

CBD Nirvana - CBD extraction types

Lab Tested by a Third-Party

In order to confirm potency and search for impurities, proper testing of hemp oil must be done regularly. These tests ensure that what is in the product is the amount of CBD on the bottle. They also report that the THC statutory standard (0.3%) is not surpassed. Proper research illustrates the transparency of the business in their practice.

The results of these tests can be found in the form of a COA, or a certificate of analysis. A reputable source will test consistently and should have a recent COA available to anyone who asks. We list COAs for every product we carry on each product page.

Find Trustworthy CBD at CBD Nirvana 

At CBD Nirvana, we have the most reliable CBD sources on the market for you. We did the analysis for you and gave you easy access to the results of the laboratory studies. For their consistency and honesty, each of the brands we carry has been selected.


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