How to Take CBD: Part 4.

Find the CBD product that suits you best.

The next step, once you have determined that a source is reputable, is to decide the best type of CBD product you prefer.

A versatile ingredient is CBD oil and can be taken as is or infused into a variety of types of products. A number of preferences, including the delivery route, the speed of delivery and the CBD base, determine the method you choose.

For the most part, a whole plant hemp extract or a CBD isolate is the basis of a CBD product. A whole extract of plant hemp contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids of the plant, while only CBD is contained in a CBD isolate. Your CBD base choice will mostly be determined by whether you would prefer to take a THC FREE CBD product or one with <.03 percent THC.

They are still non-intoxicating, whether THC free or <.03 percent THC. For more on the different kinds of CBD, see: Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, Isolate, or PCR Which is Best?


Natural CBD

Concentrates from CBD Hemp Oil

Potent CBD products are CBD hemp oil concentrates. It is a thick oil that is directly extracted from the hemp plant and contains no additives. Hemp oil concentrates are taken sublingually, meaning they are held and then swallowed under the tongue.

 Potency: High
 Taste: Earthy
 Use: Sublingual

This product is cannabinoid-rich. CBD concentrates are available at Made By Hemp in three versions with distinct profiles of cannabinoids.

Here they are:



Also called the "raw" version, without the application of heat or filtering, the Green hemp oil concentrate is extracted from the plant. A full-spectrum, whole plant hemp oil with various cannabinoids (primarily CBD and CBDa) and terpenes is the Green version.


Blue hemp oil concentrate, which activates its cannabinoids, is decarboxylated, converting all CBDA into CBD.


In order to remove any extra plant parts, the Gold hemp oil concentrate is decarboxylated and then filtered. Of the three versions, it provides the highest CBD concentration.

For those with serious wellness goals, hemp oil concentrate is suitable. CBD hemp oil concentrate may be the correct fit for those who are most interested in obtaining the benefits of cannabinoids.

In addition, it has a rapid absorption rate since this product is held under the tongue.


How to Take CBD: Part 4

CBD Tinctures

 Potency: Low-High
 Taste: Earthy-Delicious
 Use: Sublingual

Tinctures of CBD are a liquid supplement of hemp oil. They have an oil base to dilute the consistency of the product, such as grapeseed oil or coconut oil. Tinctures are taken sublingually, similar to concentrated ones. For ease of administration, they come in a bottle with a dropper top or spray top.

Tinctures are a great alternative for those who have difficulty taking a traditional pill, as they are easy to swallow. In a number of flavors, tinctures are available, making for an enjoyable experience. Tinctures are absorbed into the bloodstream quickly due to the fact that they are taken sublingually. For those who are looking for a fast-acting supplement that masks the flavor of hemp, tinctures are a great fit.



CBD Skincare

 Potency: Low-High
 Taste: Don’t eat it, please.
 Use: Topical

CBD skincare  and beauty infusions include products that are infused with cannabidiol, such as lotion, salve, and lip balm. Beauty infusions are topically applied and are ideal for dealing with localized concerns. CBD is absorbed into the skin through this technique and does not reach the bloodstream.

An all-natural alternative to the chemical-heavy skin care on the market is CBD beauty infusions. CBD skin care, such as Made By Hemp products, is produced with all-natural ingredients that replenish, restore and protect the skin. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and a good source of antioxidants. In addition, there are other essential nutrients in hemp oil, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids.


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